Joseph Dugan

Joseph is a Nada (sound) yogi at heart and believes that everything is made out of sounds and vibrations. His classes focus on harmony and developing deeper listening skills, not only with our ears but with our whole body and heart, so we may trace the path back to the unharmed place within.

"Yoga's not about making us into better people, it's about cleaning off the dirt to see what was always there."

500hr-E-RYT   AYM Rishikesh, India

200hr-RYT   Evolve Yoga MI, US 

50hr Yin Yoga - Arhanta Yoga

50hr Nada Yoga - Jivasu

Erin allen

erin allen vrksasana.jpg

Erin Allen is an artist and world adventurer, always bringing her experiences back to the mat to engage, impact and transform. She has studied and practiced yoga from Southeast Michigan to Karnataka, India  completing 500 hours of yoga teacher training. An experienced public health professional and audio media artist, Erin brings a wellness approach to her teaching and speaks uniquely and directly to the body and mind. Erin was born and raised in Detroit, where she currently lives and plays. When away from LCD Hot, she works with local media organizations in broadcasting and communications and dances her heart out at music festivals. You can follow her on Instagram and Facebook @YogaLoveSupreme.

Keiffer Hubbell

Keiffer started yoga practice in 2000, as a form of cross-training for competitive figure skating. He practiced a consistent Hatha yoga series, six days a week at the end of each training day, for 12 years before attending a formal studio class, at Breathe Yoga.  Once Keiffer began practicing at a studio he found the joy of free movement and creativity that he was seeking. The yogic community and studio environment have a mindful approach to holistic movement and the effort to turn your attention inward. This was a catalyst for major shifts in Keiffer's life.  After retiring from figure skating in 2013 Keiffer finished his Yoga teacher training at Breathe Yoga in Keego Harbor and his since co-taught multiple yoga teacher trainings. Keiffer is excited to share his experience and energy. 


Zara Theicher 

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Zara (Durga Devi) began her yoga journey about 10 years ago. Her practice has helped her to deepen her self-knowledge and find a place of internal steadiness that helps her to navigate life with a sense of joy. She is excited to share the teachings she has learned with others in classes that are relaxing and refreshing.


She studied at the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Ranch in Woodbourne, NY where she completed her 200 hour teacher training course. Zara is also a certified adaptive yoga instructor and teaches classes to people with MS and Parkinson’s Disease. She believes that the more we grow within, the better we can serve others. Zara is also a mom and musician.


MAURA o'meallie

In 2017, Maura left her Colorado mountain town to live in Ferndale, Mi. She grew up in a vibrant art community and was always surrounded by inspiring creatives.

She believes that yoga and the practice of teaching yoga helps to awaken the parts of ourselves that lay dormant.

"When I think of yoga the first word that comes to mind is connectivity. Connecting to all life and back to a place of wholeness and well being."

200hr-RYT   AYM Rishikesh, India

200hr RYT  Nada Yoga Rishikesh, India

Valerie WEir

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Valerie Weir as been practicing Kundalini yoga since 1973 and trained directly with Yogi Bhajan. She has also served as a teacher trainer for the kundalini yoga institute. She has extensive experience in sound healing having trained with Gong Master Don Conreaux and has completed level one training with Professor Surider Singh of the London Academy of Music. She’s a professional Astrologer and holds a level two certification in Steven Forrest’s apprenticeship program. Valerie’s classes are fun and innovative, classic Kundalini yoga involves movement breath-work and sound. Each class includes Gong and homemade tea. No level of experience required- just come as you are.

Aaron Shell

Yoga found Aaron Shell at a young age. Often he would find himself mimicking yogi’s he saw on Ripley’s Believe it or Not. Years later he found himself a student of Johnny Kest at the Center for Yoga, in Birmingham Michigan. Ever since Aaron has sought to share this gift of yoga. 

As Shell looks back he can see where yoga has allowed him to become the best healer, teacher, and individual that he can be. And today Aaron Shell vows to share this ancient practice of self-awareness and unification one individual at a time.


joshua cresswell

Joshua began his yoga journey in 2013 where it granted him the subtle discovery of life. He studied his 200 hour teacher training at Hilltop Yoga in East Lansing, Michigan, and proceeded to his 500 hour training through AYM in Rishikesh, India. Joshua believes in providing a safe space for all to explore their intimate relationship with life and love. Share a space with Joshua for honest play -investigating our hearts, our worlds, opening to the unknown together.

Leah Scott

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Leah is a gentle spirit who began her yoga journey back in 2009, in search of alternative healing for asthma she had since adolescence and anxiety she developed as a teenager. Since incorporating yoga into her life, Leah has developed a passion for not only healing herself in immense ways but teaching others the path of self-healing along her journey. Native to Detroit, she is a Natural Networker who loves to explore deeper connections with nature and continues to grow as a Medicine Woman with her deep interest in Ceremonial Herbs and Earth Medicines. 


Leah specializes in Restorative and Foundational Yoga for beginners and intermediate students. She is recognized for her smooth voice, calming demeanor and attentive nature. Leah has trained in various styles of yoga including Hatha, Yin, Kriya, Pranayama, and Meditation. In her classes, she focuses on connecting with the breath, the body, mind and spirit - with divine intention. 


200hr - RYT West End Yoga, Canton MI

200hr - RYT Samastah Yoga, Ferndale MI


mineya weldeab


Mineya was introduced to yoga several years ago but began her spiritual yoga journey in 2018. With her soft voice she invites her students to take time for themselves exploring gentleness in the subtle body.  Mineya completed her RYT 200 hr at Samastah. She uses what she learned to guide her students to realizing their own perfection and potential.

Rachel Sementilli

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Rachel began practicing yoga in 2013 and in becoming a dedicated practitioner of asana, pranayama and meditation, she firmly believes in the transformational power of yoga. Soon after, she also discovered a passion to share the gifts to as many students as possible. She completed her RYT-200 with the Center for Yoga in Birmingham, MI in spring of 2016; then completed an apprenticeship program with Citizen Yoga in autumn of 2017, and additional training in Prenatal yoga in the autumn of 2018.


Ellie is a certified Hatha Yoga teacher, has been engaging and inspiring students around the world for the past 10 years. She received her formal training at Parmarth Niketan Ashram in Rishikesh India, where she studied Yoga asana, pranayam, yoga nidra, vedic chanting, and meditation. Her style is invigorating, yet calming.


When Ellie is not teaching yoga, she is working as an Early Childhood Educator. She also is enrolled in The Beaumont School of Yoga Therapy.  She is studying the scientific framework of yoga, and how to treat physical and emotional / mental health needs. 

*Ellie is currently living in Myanmar We will update you upon her return!*