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PLEASE note our Yogic Development & embodiment course is a

prerequisite for Samastah's  200hr YTT program 

Hatha Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training Program

Whether you are seeking to become a teacher or seeking a deeper connection with yourself and your practice, this immersive teacher training will give you the tools you need for self exploration and the ability to express the depths of yoga to your community.

The focus of this training program is in traditional Hatha Yoga, as well as having modules in Yin Yoga, Nada Yoga, and restorative yoga. Modules will include an in depth exposition of:
- Asana (poses)
- Pranayama (breathing techniques)
- Kriyas/Shatkarmas (purification techniques)
- Meditation
- Mantra
- Physical and Energetic Anatomy (Energy, Chakras, Nadis,
Aura, etc.)
- Sanskrit
- Philosophy (Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, Hatha YogaPradipika, lifestyle, and ethics)
- Mudras and Bhandas
- Teaching Meothodology
- and more!

Samastah Yoga has a community of teachers that come from diverse backgrounds and traditions both from India and the West. We have woven the traditions taught to us in the East with the understanding of the Western mind and focus on the aspects of yoga that are most needed for West. Yoga is individualized and your training will be as well. We will not be trying to force your body and mind to be like anyone else, we will help you develop an authentic practice and teaching style the radiates the essence of your greatest self. Yoga is excellence in all actions, this excellence means doing your best in each moment. We recognize that each individual is here with their own purpose and our best is different from your best but they are all essential.

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Thank you for considering our school. When trying to find a Yoga Teacher Training program feel free to intervew the school and make sure they are a good fit for you. Our program has been Yoga Alliance approved,

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Course Director and Lead Teacher,  Joseph Dugan

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