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Samastah Yoga provides a community space for physical, emotional and spiritual growth by guiding students to self inquiry and self acceptance through the Indian science of self evolution.

About US

Joseph Dugan and Maura O'Meallie met at the Earthship Academy for sustainable building in 2016 in Taos, New Mexico.  They quickly connected through their deep love of music and service and began dreaming of building a sustainable retreat center in the deep woods or mountains. The stars aligned and they were given an opportunity to take the next step in a building a more sustainable future and Samastah Yoga was born.  

They believe that sustainability starts with developing self-dependence and acceptance of what is here and now in order to truly examine the full potential of the current moment. Each time we come to our mats or find a quiet place to sit we have an opportunity to change the world. We often think we are only doing yoga for ourselves, for "my" back, for "my" mind, for "my" health, but yoga is too big to only serve ourselves and naturally extends to everyone in our sphere of influence. If we are aware of this, it can aid us in this time of great change. We can dismantle the illusions and stories of inability and lack that we continue to write and repeat about ourselves by honoring our bodies, minds, and souls. Samastah Yoga is a place for all beings to work on creating a sustainable future together. 

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