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Samastah Yoga


300hr teacher training

along with developing a deeper understanding of the physical, mental and esoteric aspects of yoga; become rooted through the study of cultural and historical context to find your voice and how you belong to the tradition of yoga

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Looking to develop your teaching and your practice?

We will be taking a deep dive into the history, traditions and techniques of Hatha yoga and accompanying branches to help you gain context and a greater understanding of how you fit in to the continuously innovative and living tradition of Yoga.



What you will learn:


How to make healthy assessments of students needs and development in yoga and how to see their unique trajectory of practice

Asana alignment and modifications for common injuries and range of motion limitations

Yogic subtle body anatomy


Yogic Psychology and Philosophy


History of Yoga from Pre-classical Yoga to Modern Yoga


How to empower your students by freeing them from yourself


How to incorporate Pranayama, Mudras, Bandhas and Meditation in your classes and how to progress through classical and modern techniques


Somatic approaches


What kind of teacher you want to be


And much more!



Some of the traditional text we will be studying and referencing:

Patanjali's Yoga Sutras

Hatha Yoga Pradipika

Shiva Samhita

Gheranda Samhita

Yoga Yajanvalka

Goraksha Paddhati

Bhagavad Gita

Vijnana Bhairava Tantra

Select Upanishads

One Year 300 Hour Teacher Training

Begins September 7th, 2024

Trainings take place primarily on Saturdays with one Sunday a month as well as one week off a month. The last three Months of training, June, July & August will have one Saturday, Sunday weekend each month. These last three months focus on synthesizing everything you've learned and integrating into your teaching.

Tuition also includes:

6 Hours of One on One Sessions with Joseph

1 Private Mantra class with Maura

One Year of Public Classes

Yoga Retreat in May

Books & Manual

& More!

Tuition: $5500

Discount: Pay in full for $100 off

Earlybird Special: Sign up by August 9th to receive an additional $200 off


Payment plans are available and must be paid in full by November 30th, 2025.

(3 months after the completion of training)


$200 nonrefundable deposit to reserve your spot

Contact us to set up your interview with Joseph Dugan at

or click the link below


**Prerequisite: Completed a 200 hour YTT


**Prerequisite reading must be completed by third week of training

But preferably before training begins

Eyes Wide Open by Mariana Caplan

The Body Keeps The Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk

Thank you for considering our school. When trying to find a Yoga Teacher Training program feel free to intervew the school and make sure they are a good fit for you. Our program has been Yoga Alliance approved,

Samastah Yoga has a community of teachers that come from diverse backgrounds and traditions both from India and the West. We have woven the traditions taught to us in the East with the understanding of the Western mind and focus on the aspects of yoga that are most needed for West. Yoga is individualized and your training will be as well. We will not be trying to force your body and mind to be like anyone else, we will help you develop an authentic practice and teaching style the radiates the essence of your greatest self. Yoga is excellence in all actions, this excellence means doing your best in each moment. We recognize that each individual is here with their own purpose and our best is different from your best but they are all essential.

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Course Director and Lead Teacher,

Joseph Dugan

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