7:00   AM     Nada Yoga                                              9:00   AM    Traditional Hatha 

6:00   PM     Traditional Hatha 

7:30   PM      Yin (60 mins)  

9:00   AM     Traditional Hatha 

6:00   PM     Kundalini & Meditation with Gong 

7:30   PM     Hatha Flow

6:00 AM      Open Sadhana (unguided practice) 

9:00   AM    Traditional Hatha 

6:00  PM     Traditional Hatha    

7:30  PM     Nada Yoga       

9:00 AM       Traditional Hatha   

6:00 PM       Traditional Hatha

7:30 PM       Yin and Gong (60 Mins) 

9:00  AM        Hatha Flow 

6:00 PM         Slow Flow 


9:00  AM       Traditional Hatha 

10:30 AM       Meditation/Pranayama

11:15 AM       Jnana Yogaॐ


9:00 AM       Traditional Hatha 

11:15 AM     Hatha Flow 




All public classes are postponed please refer to the home page for information on our online classes

*All classes are 75 minutes unless otherwise specified

*Meditation/Pranayama classes are 30 minutes and FREE to the public





Joseph Dugan                                                     

Maura OMeallie

Joseph Dugan

Joseph Dugan                                                                                            


Leah Scott             

Valerie Weir                                                            Erin Allen   

$5 donation

Joseph Dugan

Maura O'Meallie

Joseph Dugan


Maura O'Meallie

Durga Devi (Zara Theicher)

Maura O'Meallie

Rachel Sementilli

Aaron Shell   


Joseph Dugan

Joseph Dugan

Joseph Dugan

Maura O'Meallie

Keiffer Hubbell












We are open 15mins before each class.

Doors are locked 5-10 mins into the beginning of class.

For the best experience, please don't eat 1-2 hours before class and refrain from drinking water during. Due to allergies we ask you to not wear perfume in the studio.

Please speak with your teacher before class if you have any injuries or if you have to leave class early that day.

Takes place every other Saturday beginning 11/16

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