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Class Descriptions

Meditation and


Breathing and meditation techniques. Worried because you don't think you can meditate? Perfect, thats why this class exists. 

**Meditation is like sleeping, You can't make yourself fall asleep, you can only prepare for it. 


Hatha yoga aims to create a balance of the physical and mental energies.  It emphasizes on the use of physical postures (asana) and is one of the main influences for our Western understanding of yoga. The Hatha Yoga Pradipika was compiled around the 15th century CE but many of the practices date back much further. There are six main aspects of Hatha but the three most well known in the West are asana (physical postures), pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation. The other three being shatkarmas, bandhas, and mudras. ALL LEVELS WELCOME

Hatha Flow

Hatha Flow classes often include music, postures that move with fluidity, breathing techniques, meditation, and relaxation. 

Movement, Meditation & Gongs

You'll be guided through seated asana (postures ) to pranayama (breathwork), and meditation to an extended shavasana + gong immersion.


This is a unguided open space to flow through your own practice. A teacher will be present if you have questions or would like assistance working the through poses.  Whether working with others or on your own, learn to share space and develop your independent practice.  Great for building confidence and can help in developing a home practice. 

Hatha for Strength

Suitable for all levels. For students looking to challenge their physical edge as a means of gaining deeper awareness of their body and mind.

Gentle Hatha

Similar to our All Levels Hatha classes but gentler on your body. This class is for everyone, from students who have range of motion limitations as well as advanced practitioners looking to connect with their body in a gentler way. Includes standing and strength postures but has an emphasis on seated postures.


Props available; cork & foam blocks, straps, bolsters, blankets, chairs, rope wall. 


Yin comes from the Taoist tradition. Works with the moon energy of the body using mostly floor poses with long supported holds (3-5 minutes) that focus on the connective tissue and places of vulnerability in the body.

Nada (sound)

Nada translates to sound. Classes include gentle stretching, followed by breathing, concentration, listening, and meditation techniques that focus on sound. 

New & Community


Once a week we bring in different teachers from our community, from new teachers looking for teaching experience to experienced teachers looking to share.  

- Donation class.

- Style of class to be determined by teacher.  

*If your a new or experienced teacher and would like an opportunity to teach at Samastah Yoga, 

please contact Maura or Joseph at 

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Make use of our studio props!

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