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2021 nada yoga course

the heart of listening - finding silence in the storm

Heart of Listening.png

Nada is sanskrit for sound or vibration. In this course you will learn in depth practices of Nada (sound) Yoga, using sound and vibration as our main vehicle to the beyond. Nada yoga is the practice of deep listening and deep feeling.


What you’ll learn:


Lectures on Nada, Laya, music, mantra, self development and inquiry, and more.

Preparatory and complementary techniques 

The use of mantras in Nada Yoga

Meditations on Nada

  • Both active and passive meditations

  • External and internal sound meditations



Course begins March 14th 

Sundays at 1pm - 3PM EST.

Course ends May 9th

20 Hour Course 

(10 Weeks)

Course led by Joseph Dugan

Cost:  $225

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