Samastah Yoga


Shamanic Healing with Joseph Dugan and Maura O'Meallie

Joseph and Maura are full mesa shamans and reiki practitioners. Learn how to uproot self debilitating patterns and recover parts of yourself that have become trapped in the past. Learn to rewrite your stories and courageously dream a new word into being. 

- by appointment only

Reiki with Joseph Dugan and Maura O'Meallie

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress relief, relaxation, and promotes healing. Rei, meaning spiritual wisdom and Ki, meaning life energy (prana, chi, ti). We all have Ki flowing through us and around us but just as debris may fall into a river and block the flow of water, our lives, experiences, and mindsets may block our own streams within. 

- by appointment only

Massage with Michael Johnson

Details coming soon...

Samastah provides a community space for physical, emotional and spiritual growth by guiding students to self inquiry and self acceptance through the teachings of ancient traditions and the yogic science of self evolution.

You are a being of light...